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Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu
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Michigan Honbu Dojo - East Lansing, Michigan

The Michiagan Honbu dojo is the headquarters for Tamiya Ryu Iajiutsu operations in the United States. Surrounded by a beautiful Japanese garden, this traditional dojo was built from plans based on a traditional Japanese training hall.

All classes are by assignment and are held weekly throughout the year with the exception of a winter weather break - The dojo is unheated and Michigan winters are harsh!

Special classes or changes to this schedule will be discussed in the respective classes. Please note, if there are 5 weeks in a given month, there will be no classes during the fifth week.

  • Announcement

    The USTRI Honbu dojo is currently offering a free introductory month of training. No contracts are required. Please see the contact information below to inquire about more details

Training Schedule

Saturday, 10:00am - 12:00pm (Mixed Level)

Saturday, 12:30pm - 2:30pm (Advanced)

Interested in training at the Honbu dojo? Weekends too busy? Contact us and we may be able to schedule weekday training accommodations.

Contact Information

Thomas Hufnagel (Gensui)

5th Degree

USTRI Director of Operations

USTRI Honbu Branch Manager

USTRI Instructor

Email: hufnagelt@gmail.com