United States Tamiya Ryu Iaijutsu

Gengo Hojisha no Kai
米国田宮流居合術 元号保持者の会

Brighton Michigan Study Group

The Brighton Study Group holds class at the Brighton Education Community Center building in Brighton, MI. Classes are ran on a session basis, typically 6-8 weeks long. Classes are continuous, sessions do not repeat material.

To register for class, please visit Brighton Community Education's registration site or call (810) 299-4130. After signing up, please contact us so we can prepare materials for your first class!

Training Schedule

Thursday, 7:30pm - 9:00pm (Mixed Level)

Since the B.E.C.C. Building is part of Brighton Area Schools, class will be cancelled whenever schools are closed. Every attempt to make up cancelled classes will be made.

Contact Information

James Russell (Gennetsu)5th DegreeEmail: gennetsu@ustamiyaryu.org